Hello and welcome to Mango Dietitian!


About the blog 

I want to use this blog to bring attention to the complexities of weight.

There is so much false information, food shaming and weight bias on the internet. As a result, people can be encouraged to follow overly restrictive diets that don’t work. As well as that, the internet can be a scary place to the many people struggling with body image.

My face when quashing weight myths

I hope to promote a “health at every size” ethos, where we focus on being HEALTHY, instead of having the “perfect body”. This is a weight inclusive safe space, please make yourself at home.  


About Me

I’m Aisling, a registered dietitian from Kerry, Ireland. Read more about my qualifications and how I got interested in obesity here.



I’ve just finished a Research MSc investigating how biology affects weight. Through this work I realised how COMPLEX weight is, how much we still don’t UNDERSTAND, and how inadequate it is to simply say “eat less, move more”. I’m currently taking some time out to travel! What better time time to start my blog?


What to Expect? 

Expect posts about nutrition, body image, self cafe, body positivity, intuitive eating and how biology affects our weight!

Keep an eye on my instagram @mangodietitian for updates! 






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