About me


I’m Aisling, a registered dietitian from Kerry, Ireland. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Study  and Career

I studied to be a dietitian in Dublin, Ireland.  My interest in weight began when I did an obesity research internship in Purdue University, Indiana, USA. By attending obesity support groups, I started to see the immense pressure to lose weight and that the diets really weren’t working.  After college I did a research MSc in UCD on how biology affects weight. I noticed how truly COMPLEX weight is and started learning about Intuitive Eating.


Intuitive Eating is an approach that helps people to heal their relationships with food and body image. I’m also interested in Health at Every Size, which supports people of all sizes to improve health directly by adopting healthy behaviors, instead of focusing on weight.  I’m still learning more about this every day. Here, I’m hoping to quash some weight related misconceptions and promote an inclusive environment that focuses on HEALTH, not WEIGHT. 


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Aside from being a dietitian…

I enjoy travelling, being outside, eating falafel and watching Project Runway (yes it’s still a thing). I’ve been to 26 countries and counting! I love a good hair accessory and will rarely be caught without a headband. I’m also very skilled at starting books and not finishing them.


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What Now?

I’m currently riding out the COVID19 storm from Kerry. Like everyone else, hoping that it’ll be over soon. Do stick around for updates!