Intuitive eating questions everything we thought we knew about weight and health. As we’ve already established, weight does not equal health. Knowing this, we can move towards a health at every size approach which focuses on health instead of weight. We can also take steps to heal our relationships with our bodies.


The use of the term “body neutrality” instead of body positivity is intentional. If we’ve come from years of trying to change our bodies, feeling super positive and confident can be a difficult place to start. Instead, lets start with body neutrality and simply respecting our bodies.

Below are some tips for cultivating body neutrality:



When trying something on, before looking in the mirror close your eyes. How does this item of clothing FEEL on your body. Is it soft? Is it comfortable? Does it feel too tight? Recognize that our bodies deserve to feel comfortable.


If you wouldnt say it about your friend, try not to say it about yourself. Little comments like “ugh Im so fat” may seem throwaway but these add up over time. For me, quitting fat talk was probably the best step that I took towards becoming more body neutral.


Schedule some time to say thank you to your body for getting you through another day. This could be as easy as putting on a nice smelling moisturiser and cosy PJS or getting an early night when we know our body needs a rest.


Intuitive Eating Principle 1_ (3)


Do you hold onto clothes that are too small in the hope that one day they’ll fit? Many of us do. Let go of these clothes like we’re letting go of diet culture. If it’s too small or pulls or pinches, it just brings our attention to our bodies and takes us out of the present moment. Again, our bodies deserve to be comfortable.



Does an account make you feel bad about yourself? If so, it’s time to unfollow. Instead, follow some fat activists and people with different body shapes and colours.


Have any more body neutral tips? I’d love to hear them. Send me a DM on insta or leave a comment. 

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